Friends of The Level woken by goading on Facebook.

Friends of The Level, much criticised by KTLG over the years, has been stung into a semblance of action by a flurry of comments on its Facebook page. Mat Cook, chair of FoTL and director of Cook The Rabbit (an organisation that uses The Level to stage events), initially attempted to silence his critics by telling concerned members to take their grievances elsewhere. This just fanned the flames, and despite spirited support by Julia Davis (apparently a committee member, though her appointment, and those of two other committee members, is seriously at odds with the FoTL constitution) failed to quell the impending riot. We wait to see whether a long and fulsome explanation proffered by Mat “The Rabbit” Cook succeeds in dampening down the ardour of those energetic Facebook members – or whether it simply provides them with further ammunition. Could be a case of “Run, Rabbit, Run!” while there’s still the chance!

Further Friends of The Level documents, including General Meeting minutes are now available here.

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