The Greens miss the point – yet again!

The Greens just don’t get it – as David Gibson was only too keen to demonstrate in his most recent flyer for Thursday’s by-election. In it he trumpets the party line that “…in only 2 years Greens have…breathed new life into The Level park”. New life! New life? D. Gibson is another of those residents who obviously was never a regular user of The Level – much like the irritating Brighton Bits. The worst fears of those thousands who petitioned against the hideous Heritaginous design are daily coming to pass as more of the final monstrosities are finally being revealed.
Monstrosity No. 1 – the skatepark! Because of its vast, grey concrete bulk and the fact that the path around The Level is raised. the skatepark has truly become The (Corpse of an) Elephant on The Level – the elephant that was studiously ignored by the Parks Project Team whenever possible in the planning stage, but now, so in-your-face that it not only dominates the North end of The Level, but also manages, due to the perspective, to foreshorten the view of what was once a wide, green, open space. So, that’s the North end wrecked as forecast!
Monstrosity No. 2 – the Restaurant! Because of its vast, ecological bulk and, as mentioned before, the fact that the path around The Level is raised, there is now an Elephant Rampant on The Level – so in-your-face that it dominates the South end and puts paid to any notion that dear old Bertie’s dream of a “green vista” was going to be realised. Now what was originally a symmetrical design in the South end has been turned into a lopsided, view-blocking eyesore, further adding to the now cramped and inner city feel of The Level – once a wide, gr…etc. And that’s the South end wrecked as forecast!

So who benefits from all this wanton wreckage? All those with their snouts in the HLF trough of course, and that includes the council. You only have to look at the serried ranks of brand new vans that grace The Level and the increasing and frenzied use of ever more fencing as one last mad dash for “contingencies” pot takes place. It’s been like an insurance job, where everyone puts in a rip-off quote, safe in the knowledge that there’s plenty to go round – and it’s “free” money, ripped off poor punters who only care about winning their millions, not where the billions are going.

Pay attention Green Spaces in Brighton and beware! Land Use Consultants and the HLF wants you to “develop”! Next stop Stanmer Park? Queens Park? Be prepared for more “Public Consultations” – and remember, you’ll be consulted until you agree with the plan that’s already well in place, and it makes no difference who’s running the council – they are all of them small, short-sighted, selfish individuals.

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