It’s a Lottery – the figures

These figures come from the B&HCC website (including some reverse engineering):

Total costings for Level revamp submitted to PfP in application: £2,455,067 (£2.5m)

Less 25% council match-funding :                                                         £ 613,767

Total grant from HLF:                                                                          £1,841,300

Less development grant already received:                                         £ 106,400

Total now due for successful bid:                                                        £1,734,900 (£1.7m)

The Section 106 money allocated to the Level is:

Area of the park                    Amount                        From

Children’s play space           £137,175          Richmond Place, York Place, Brighton Station

Other improvements            £22,204          Richmond Place, York Place

(e.g. paths, planting, lighting)

Skatepark                              £97,200           Richmond Place, York Place, Brighton Station

Total                                     £256,579

If any of these figures are inaccurate, please feel free to provide correct ones.

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