Our Invitation

Here is the invitation which we emailed on the 12 November to the nine councillors of the three wards adjacent to the Level.  Each was emailed as an individual representative of his or her ward and so we could have been excused for thinking that each one would have replied with his or her own response. But it was not to be.

“Keep the Level Green would like to invite you, as an elected representative
of many residents local to the Level, to add your support to Keep the Level
Green’s campaign to prevent any building development on the green, open
north end of the Level.

As Keep the Level Green we are preparing to submit to the council an
application to register the north end of the Level as a Town Green under
sec. 15(2) of the Commons Act 2006.

We would very much like you to actively support this application by adding
your name to it.

Councillors of wards local to the Level have, over the years and especially
recently, attended many meetings regarding the renovation of the Level. They
have also attended many entirely separate meetings about the siting and
construction of a new skate park to replace the existing one. They should be
aware that the council currently has plans to build this new skate park,
along with a stage and seating area, on the green, open north end of the
Level. The council has been promulgating various plans to move the skate
park north since 2006 and continues to consider this move a viable option
for the Level.

Representatives of the council have been under a lot of fire recently for
suggesting this move and are now claiming that they do not have any
preference north or south. Keep the Level Green believe it is entirely wrong
for the council to even be considering such a move. We do not believe that a
successful Parks for People bid should include such a move in the design and
do not believe that there is any evidence of popular support for it.

Keep the Level Green believe that the second stage of the bid should
acknowledge and accept both the recent heritage of the skate park as part of
the south end and the prior heritage of the north end of the Level as an
open green space that has never been built on, for the use of all of
Brighton’s residents. In this way the current bid could proceed and be

Keep the Level Green would like to suggest that by supporting the current
layout of the Level, which IS its heritage, you will be representing the
wishes of the majority of your constituents.

Keep the Level Green looks forward to receiving a reply from soonish as we
would like to submit our application in the near future. In the event that
you feel unable to support our application, it would be helpful to us if you
could let us know the reasons for your decision not to come on board.”

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