Politicos(‘) reply

Well, here we have the local councillors’ reply to the KtLG response dated 28/11/10. Typical political bums-on-fence job. Time to draw a Green line under this fruitless exchange.

“I am sorry you were dissatisfied with our previous response and feel that we have made this a Green Party Political issue. I can assure you that our intention was quite the contrary.

The reason for Cllr Pete West and I responding on behalf of the group is that along with Cllr Lizzie Deane we have been most involved as The Level is in our ward, St Peters & North Laine. We are keeping our colleagues particularly those in Hanover and Queens Park updated on the situation. Meanwhile they are encouraging nearby residents in their wards to get involved.

In your original e-mail you asked us to actively support your campaign to have The Level designated a ‘Town Green’. Our advice that this was in our view best kept as a non political campaign was well intended. A Conservative-controlled council is more likely to support your campaign, if it is seen as a community led and non-party political initiative. You mention my involvement in the efforts to persuade Tesco not to move into the community garden site. This was somewhat different as it was a decision for Tesco not the Local Authority. As you say the Conservatives were not involved in that campaign.

You also query our statement regarding planning. Should a planning application be forthcoming it will not be heard until after the May elections when there will be a new planning committee. Any of the Green councillors elected then may well be on that committee.

I personally hope to be and will for the time being put my personal views to one side and listen to what members of the community are saying. That we feel is the right position for a ward councillor to take at this time.

We have called for a new consultation in response to concerns over the previous one. Whilst the timing of the consultation is not of our choosing we have to work around the timetable that has been set by the Conservative administration.

In the meantime we are making our best efforts to ensure that a civilized and open debate takes place within the community and that everybody feels that their voice is being heard. As we said previously we hope that the community will unite behind a shared vision for The Level. That will give the Heritage Lottery bid the best chance of success and the best hope of that vision being realized.

I hope our response is clear enough. If you would like to discuss further maybe we could meet face to face with you and your group to do so. This would also give us an opportunity for us to meet you all.

In the meantime we would very much like to hear how your campaign to have The Level designated a ‘Town Green’ is progressing.”


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