New Encyclopaedia of Brighton

B&HCC’s New Encyclopaedia of Brighton, 2010, has an entry for the Level on pages 176-177 :

“Now the principle public open space in the Valley Gardens…”

“It has always been a popular venue for circuses, fairs, celebrations and other events and, when the North Steine was enclosed in 1817, it became the only remaining recreational area in the town.”

“The northern part is still a level grassed area frequented by visiting fairs, festivals, exhibitions and rallies. It is separated from the playground by a fine rose walk…” – N.b. the distinction made here between the grassy north and the playground south.

“The children’s playground was laid out in 1927…” – N.b. no mention is made here or elsewhere in this section of Captain Bertie Maclaren, further proof of the only very recent ‘bertification’ of the Level.

“The Level has traditionally been a place for meetings, speaking and demonstrating, and was the venue for annual May Day workers’ rallies for many years.”

“In September 2009, the northern end of the Level was closed temporarily, as geophysicists hired by the council searched for two buried air raid shelters. A topographic survey was carried out as part of a public consultation on a ‘facelift’ [irony intended?] for the park, including a new play area.” – N.b. this surveying was obviously undertaken because the council wanted to move the skate park to the north – further evidence of the council’s duplicity: this has always been its intention. Otherwise why waste money on a survey that is only needed for plans that include construction?

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