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The Greens miss the point – yet again!

The Greens just don’t get it – as David Gibson was only too keen to demonstrate in his most recent flyer for Thursday’s by-election. In it he trumpets the party line that “…in only 2 years Greens have…breathed new life … Continue reading

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Final nail ? Let’s hope not!

The decision by B&HCC planning committee last Wednesday to give the all clear to B&HCC to wreck The Level came and went much like the tide: as expected. The weaselly Ian Davey was substituted as requested, which at least meant … Continue reading

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Planning Application heads for Theatre of the Absurd

Planning application number: BH2012/01598 now looks like it won’t be considered until at least 8 August due to the continuing furore and plethora of objections. The absurdity of the situation is that here is a plan to move the skatepark … Continue reading

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What a load of BS!

Brighton Society continues to brown-nose the Council with its deplorable bs policy of backing B&HCC to the hilt over The Level restoration plans. In her letter to The Argus –A Level outcome –  Delia Ives of BS has a go at … Continue reading

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Argus anger debate informs and entertains.

Good debate; to be commended: ARealBessie vs. Quedula, the one with many hard facts to back up her (?) opinions versus the other whose opinions seem to stem from a touching faith in the righteousness of local government. [Comes from … Continue reading

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