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Skatepark planning application – OBJECT NOW!

Four small, innocuous A4 Planning Notices have gone on display at The Level announcing the council’s planning application for the Construction of a new skate park and associated landscaping. The general public will be forgiven for missing these minute scraps of … Continue reading

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Reminds me of the old joke: POLI+TICS = POLITICS. ‘POLI’ is a Latin word meaning ‘many’ or ‘multi’; ‘TICS’ means ‘blood sucking creatures’. Taking this theme a little further: By inserting the word ‘green’ in between ‘poli’ and ‘tics’, we … Continue reading

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Pete on Pete action on Radio 4! (White on West, that is.)

Once again Brighton & Hove’s Green council have been accused of not living up to their increasingly inappropriate name. And the occasion? Yesterday’s You and Yours on Radio 4. Pete West, “The Fat Controller”, had been caught out attempting to … Continue reading

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Town Green Update – (and about time too!)

Well, at the end of last year an application was made to Brighton & Hove council to register the north end of The Level as a town green. Thanks in no small part to the dogged and determined efforts of Julia Davis … Continue reading

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