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Friends of The Level causes existential angst!

Friends of The Level, which doesn’t exist due to the AGM fiasco failing to produce a committee – an essential part of its organ, is holding a meeting tonight at 1900. They intend to discuss ways of opposing the skatepark … Continue reading

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Argus anger debate informs and entertains.

Good debate; to be commended: ARealBessie vs. Quedula, the one with many hard facts to back up her (?) opinions versus the other whose opinions seem to stem from a touching faith in the righteousness of local government. [Comes from … Continue reading

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Argus Article Fans Flames!

Well, the article in Thursday’s Argus about the planning application (despite only two of the alleged four notices being on display) has certainly re-ignited the debate over the skatepark’s move with a nice flurry of comments from readers. Reading said … Continue reading

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Skatepark planning application – OBJECT NOW!

Four small, innocuous A4 Planning Notices have gone on display at The Level announcing the council’s planning application for the Construction of a new skate park and associated landscaping. The general public will be forgiven for missing these minute scraps of … Continue reading

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Reminds me of the old joke: POLI+TICS = POLITICS. ‘POLI’ is a Latin word meaning ‘many’ or ‘multi’; ‘TICS’ means ‘blood sucking creatures’. Taking this theme a little further: By inserting the word ‘green’ in between ‘poli’ and ‘tics’, we … Continue reading

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