Argus Article Fans Flames!

Well, the article in Thursday’s Argus about the planning application (despite only two of the alleged four notices being on display) has certainly re-ignited the debate over the skatepark’s move with a nice flurry of comments from readers. Reading said comments, there’s no doubt that those against the move aseem to be very much better informed about the true course of events that lead up to this application than are the yaysayers, who would appear to be in favour simply because they regard it as part and parcel of The Level revamp, and assume that the council has acted honestly and with integrity. [Don’t mention the Second Iraq War! Ed.]

And the bitter irony  is that there’s old Pete West sitting there, shaking his head and thinking: “Yeh, I know, I agree, it’s appalling, it’s not what I want – but hey, what could I do? There were more of them than us!”

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Skatepark planning application – OBJECT NOW!

Four small, innocuous A4 Planning Notices have gone on display at The Level announcing the council’s planning application for the Construction of a new skate park and associated landscaping. The general public will be forgiven for missing these minute scraps of information when compared to the vast full colour hoardings advertising the Heritage Lottery Fund horror show that is the future of The Level. For those thousands of residents who petitioned against moving the skatepark, now is the time to submit an objection to this monstrous carbuncle. Do this by going to the B&HCC webpage and then click on the tab: make a comment. Before submitting your submission you should  read: Commenting on Planning Applications and then make sure you select the option: “Inform the Authority that you object to the Planning Application for the reasons given below“, rather than the totally meaningless default option of “Just provide the Authority with comments on the planning Application“. [As if they cared!]

Amid the mountain of documents that accompany the application (documents tab), just a cursory glance at the Design & Access and Planning Statement quickly reveals the council is up to it’s dirty old tricks. To start with we now find that not only is the south quadrant – naturally – in the plans, but also the west one! Why is that all of a sudden now part of the application? And since when? Then on page 3 they’re into the bare-faced lies with: “Whilst there has been some resistance to the provision of a new skatepark in this location, [they mean: by over 3,300 petitioners – equal to the TOTAL number of consultation respondents!] the consultation process has demonstrated a clear and overwhelming majority support for the proposals. [Ah yes, those 1,831 respondents, that overwhelming 0.73% of the population!] Pete West, you and the Greens should be ashamed to be party to all this!

More analysis to follow.

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Reminds me of the old joke: POLI+TICS = POLITICS. ‘POLI’ is a Latin word meaning ‘many’ or ‘multi’; ‘TICS’ means ‘blood sucking creatures’. Taking this theme a little further: By inserting the word ‘green’ in between ‘poli’ and ‘tics’, we can create an entirely new word: ‘POLIGREENTICS’ or ‘many green blood sucking creatures’. A quick google search reveals, amongst other alarming facts, that green blood sucking critters, “…can torment humans and animals and can transmit disease. They are all parasites of humans or other host animals and are abundant at certain times of the year”. [Around election times perhaps?] Turning to the plant kingdom, ‘sap’ is the word used for ‘plant blood’. Another quick google for ‘green sap suckers’ and we find a whole host of common garden variety pests. They too serve little purpose as, “They suck out the life juices and often inject diseases at the same time”. So there you have it. Whether it’s a case of many green blood suckers, or sap suckers, ‘poligreentics’ is bad for the environment. Therefore, by this logic, it’s easy to deduce that ‘The Green Party’ is bad for Brighton!

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GREENLEAF = compost.

What a waste of natural resources that GREENLEAF rag is. Not only is it just the half-hearted crowing of a minority administration trying to look like it’s making a difference, but it’s also the typical (of all political parties) dishonest reporting of the current state of affairs; in particular: “Meanwhile the city’s much loved parks have been shielded, which means they are all open and properly maintained.” Well, when was there ever a park in Brighton shut due to lack of maintenance? The answer is, of course: never – otherwise The “much loved” Level would’ve been shut down years ago and still be shut. And in terms of “proper” maintenance, “much loved” Queen’s Park is set on the same course as The  “much loved”  Level with the total lack of maintenance of the dry stone retaining walls being, doubtless, part of the same long term care strategy that was applied to The  “much loved” Level, i.e. the one where the council lets the basic fabric of a property fall into wrack and ruin and then looks around for handouts to restore it. [Didn’t work with the West Pier, ed.] So, as with The  “much loved” Level, be prepared for ” “much loved” Queen’s Park to suffer an emetic dose of Heritage Lottery Funding to blight an otherwise  “much loved” park.

“Green councillors have won…£1.2 million for the regeneration of the Level.” No, Greens, the host body, the Conservatives, did (admittedly with a great deal of help from your parasitic selves) – you just signed off on the crass project.

More smug photos of Jason Kitcat to contend with (kat and kream spring to mind). Still you can’t blame the Greens for trying to avoid a “Charles Kennedy” moment – though is it really wise to make Bill Randall Mayor? Doesn’t that entail a lot of “entertaining”? Perhaps that Chas K moment will entertain us after all.

And just keep banging on about what a great job the Greens are doing about the parking! Keep encouraging all those visitors to drive to Brighton, don’t deter them from using their cars! Refurbish that Regency Square car park! Now that you, the Greens, have had to lend £3 million of our money to the i360 you’ve got to protect the investment by funneling those polluting cash-cows down to the sea-front for years to come!

Ah, let’s,  yet again, take a moment to contemplate the meaning of Green Integrity. Mmm, that’s better.

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More Con-sultation takes place on The Level.

A con-sultative gazebo appeared on The Level this morning bringing back dread memories  of “The Level Con-sultation”.  Though quite what all the fuss and con-sulting is about is hard to guess. £4.2 million to make improvements to the Vogue Gyratory – who’s going to complain? But, of course, the council’s had to shoehorn in a “choice” (obviously an integral part of the required con-sultation) by asking the general public for their views on bus/cycle lanes. Now it’s a well-known fact that Joe and Joeina Public have studied traffic management and safety in depth, and have a special interest in bus and cycle lanes, so we await with interest the results of the public response. Presumably, remembering “The Level Con-sultation”, the cycle lane with the most votes wins! No doubt there’s been the usual even-handed prior con-sultation to make sure the correct result is achieved. But hang on, this will only go ahead “If there is sufficient support for the scheme…”! Support as judged by…by…what? Percentage of questionnaires returned? Percentage not returned? Let’s wait and see what that tricky pair Pete West ‘ n’ Ian Davey have cooked up this time (already prepared before the con-sultation, naturally). The thought that they may feel compelled to forego spending £4,200,000 due to lack of public “support” is quite alarming! Roll on the “Lewes Road Con-sultation” results! More statistics at their finest!

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