About KTLG

KtLG has been set up in response to Brighton & Hove City Council’s proposals to build on the northern section of the Level between Rose Walk and Union Road. The Council currently has plans to build a new concrete skate park and stage with seating area that will completely fill the grass triangle just to the north of Rose Walk, see below:
Current Brighton Level masterplan
Building on Brighton’s green and pleasant land???

This end of the Level has never been built on and has always been left as a green, open space for the benefit of all of Brighton’s residents. For many locals, especially students and those without gardens, it is the nearest available open green space for recreational use. It has also always played an important part in Brighton as a venue for staging public events including Brighton festival shows, music performances, rallies – both political and social and as a site for the traditional fun fair.

In order to preserve this historic open space for present and future generations of local residents Keep the Level Green is preparing an application to register the north end of the Level as a Town Green under Section 15(2) of the Commons Act 2006.