Friends of The Level bites the bullet – and not before time.

A meeting of FoTL was held last Tuesday 25 March at the Phoenix Centre, and this time there was to be no rising from the ashes. The meeting had been called to decide whether to dissolve the group or not. In the event, it was a mere suggestion of a meeting – only four people turned up: the “Chair”, the “Treasurer / Secretary” and the last two extant members, which pretty much emphasised how lifeless the organ had become. The previous meeting had been the abortive 2013 AGM, held almost a year ago, which was inquorate (it wasn’t reported here due to the acrimonious nature thereof) – so no surprise then that this was to be the last. Once the unanimous decision had been taken to dissolve the group, the only business left was to choose a charity to which to donate the balance of the group’s funds. The incorrigible “Two-Chairs” just couldn’t help having one last conflict of interest – he recommended that the money (approx. £600) go to Same Sky because they had fallen on hard times and he wanted them to be involved in this year’s Lantern Fayre, a Cook The Rabbit Event. There was one dissenter, but the Skies had it and so that was that. Meeting adjourned, end of story. Or is it? Will the soap be continued in “The Community of The Level Forum”? More than likely.

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