Argus anger debate informs and entertains.

Good debate; to be commended: ARealBessie vs. Quedula, the one with many hard facts to back up her (?) opinions versus the other whose opinions seem to stem from a touching faith in the righteousness of local government. [Comes from being a retired civil servant. Ed.]

And Mat Cook, the pretender to the chairmanship of Friends of The Level, finally enters the fray with a sound and cogent summing up of the what is surely the nub of the issue (and to which there has never been any credible explanation) : Why did the council not develop plans with the skatepark where it is and thereby have no opposition to its Grand Meisterplan? Answers on a postcard please to…

Lee Skiffinton, the elderly Chair of the BHSA, and who has not only been an ardent supporter of the council’s plan from Day One but is also the only skateboarder to campaign specifically for the move north, repeats his call to arms to skaters to support the council. He has demonstrated here, not only that he has studied in depth the Sociology of Skateboarding (doubtless a degree course at the University of Peacehaven) but also how selfish boys (skateboarders are 90% male with an average age of 13 to 14) can be made to appear by their elders – but no way betters. Skiffinton is peddling the council line, not that of the skateboarders he purports to represent – they don’t give a monkeys where the new skatepark is on The Level.

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