Argus Article Fans Flames!

Well, the article in Thursday’s Argus about the planning application (despite only two of the alleged four notices being on display) has certainly re-ignited the debate over the skatepark’s move with a nice flurry of comments from readers. Reading said comments, there’s no doubt that those against the move aseem to be very much better informed about the true course of events that lead up to this application than are the yaysayers, who would appear to be in favour simply because they regard it as part and parcel of The Level revamp, and assume that the council has acted honestly and with integrity. [Don’t mention the Second Iraq War! Ed.]

And the bitter irony  is that there’s old Pete West sitting there, shaking his head and thinking: “Yeh, I know, I agree, it’s appalling, it’s not what I want – but hey, what could I do? There were more of them than us!”

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1 Response to Argus Article Fans Flames!

  1. Levelhead says:

    Could this finally be the beginning of some real public debate? We can all live in hope! I’m not sure how many people read the Argus comments, but some good points have been raised, so hold thumbs for some nice exposure!

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