Skatepark planning application – OBJECT NOW!

Four small, innocuous A4 Planning Notices have gone on display at The Level announcing the council’s planning application for the Construction of a new skate park and associated landscaping. The general public will be forgiven for missing these minute scraps of information when compared to the vast full colour hoardings advertising the Heritage Lottery Fund horror show that is the future of The Level. For those thousands of residents who petitioned against moving the skatepark, now is the time to submit an objection to this monstrous carbuncle. Do this by going to the B&HCC webpage and then click on the tab: make a comment. Before submitting your submission you should  read: Commenting on Planning Applications and then make sure you select the option: “Inform the Authority that you object to the Planning Application for the reasons given below“, rather than the totally meaningless default option of “Just provide the Authority with comments on the planning Application“. [As if they cared!]

Amid the mountain of documents that accompany the application (documents tab), just a cursory glance at the Design & Access and Planning Statement quickly reveals the council is up to it’s dirty old tricks. To start with we now find that not only is the south quadrant – naturally – in the plans, but also the west one! Why is that all of a sudden now part of the application? And since when? Then on page 3 they’re into the bare-faced lies with: “Whilst there has been some resistance to the provision of a new skatepark in this location, [they mean: by over 3,300 petitioners – equal to the TOTAL number of consultation respondents!] the consultation process has demonstrated a clear and overwhelming majority support for the proposals. [Ah yes, those 1,831 respondents, that overwhelming 0.73% of the population!] Pete West, you and the Greens should be ashamed to be party to all this!

More analysis to follow.

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