Reminds me of the old joke: POLI+TICS = POLITICS. ‘POLI’ is a Latin word meaning ‘many’ or ‘multi’; ‘TICS’ means ‘blood sucking creatures’. Taking this theme a little further: By inserting the word ‘green’ in between ‘poli’ and ‘tics’, we can create an entirely new word: ‘POLIGREENTICS’ or ‘many green blood sucking creatures’. A quick google search reveals, amongst other alarming facts, that green blood sucking critters, “…can torment humans and animals and can transmit disease. They are all parasites of humans or other host animals and are abundant at certain times of the year”. [Around election times perhaps?] Turning to the plant kingdom, ‘sap’ is the word used for ‘plant blood’. Another quick google for ‘green sap suckers’ and we find a whole host of common garden variety pests. They too serve little purpose as, “They suck out the life juices and often inject diseases at the same time”. So there you have it. Whether it’s a case of many green blood suckers, or sap suckers, ‘poligreentics’ is bad for the environment. Therefore, by this logic, it’s easy to deduce that ‘The Green Party’ is bad for Brighton!

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