More Con-sultation takes place on The Level.

A con-sultative gazebo appeared on The Level this morning bringing back dread memories  of “The Level Con-sultation”.  Though quite what all the fuss and con-sulting is about is hard to guess. £4.2 million to make improvements to the Vogue Gyratory – who’s going to complain? But, of course, the council’s had to shoehorn in a “choice” (obviously an integral part of the required con-sultation) by asking the general public for their views on bus/cycle lanes. Now it’s a well-known fact that Joe and Joeina Public have studied traffic management and safety in depth, and have a special interest in bus and cycle lanes, so we await with interest the results of the public response. Presumably, remembering “The Level Con-sultation”, the cycle lane with the most votes wins! No doubt there’s been the usual even-handed prior con-sultation to make sure the correct result is achieved. But hang on, this will only go ahead “If there is sufficient support for the scheme…”! Support as judged by…by…what? Percentage of questionnaires returned? Percentage not returned? Let’s wait and see what that tricky pair Pete West ‘ n’ Ian Davey have cooked up this time (already prepared before the con-sultation, naturally). The thought that they may feel compelled to forego spending £4,200,000 due to lack of public “support” is quite alarming! Roll on the “Lewes Road Con-sultation” results! More statistics at their finest!

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