Pete on Pete action on Radio 4! (White on West, that is.)

Once again Brighton & Hove’s Green council have been accused of not living up to their increasingly inappropriate name. And the occasion? Yesterday’s You and Yours on Radio 4. Pete West, “The Fat Controller”, had been caught out attempting to raise allotment rents by 66%. Luckily for allotment-holders he was roundly defeated at the council meeting on 23 February. And who opposed the rip-off rent rise? Why Pete West, of course, that champion of the town’s open spaces! With a display of breath-taking integrity, he joined all the other Green councillors in voting for an opposition amendment preventing his own exorbitant rise. Yet again, the Greens show that when it comes to politics, there’s nothing to beat being on the winning side!

And so to Radio 4:

PW: It does seem strange for a Green council to want to increase allotment prices…Why did you change your plans?

PW (sounding dismissive and resentful): Umm – well, that was – you know – a, a political matter – er – we – you know – there was, there was clearly some opposition to it a-a-nd it was the whole council had to make a budget decision.

That’s it Pete – tell it like it is!

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