Brighton Society brown-noses council.

Stakeholder indeed! Running dog more like! How a society which claims to be “Aiming to conserve and improve the amenities of Brighton and Hove” can just regurgitate the council line is disgraceful. But then what can you expect of an organisation whose Chairman, Malcolm Dawes, is capable of writing this obsequious letter to the Argus in which he trumpets the council line and disparages the validity of the Keep the Level Green petition, signed by over 3,000 people — “Petitions can be signed without much thought and many people signing petitions may not even live in the city.” [Just goes to show how much he knows about the history of The Level and it’s covenant: “…to be used and enjoyed for ever hereafter by the inhabitants and visitors of the Town of Brighthelmston, and the public in general…” Ed.]

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