Friends of The Level is dead – it wasn’t a phoenix, it was a dodo!

A bit harsh? No, not really. Because, quite simply, the life of an organisation must be determined by its constitution, and according to The Friends of The Level constitution passed at the SGM in February 2011: “6.1. A quorum of the management committee shall be six…” At present (and only at a stretch) the committee consists of just three members, the three “officers” who were “elected” at the “AGM”. Therefore FoTL , even if the farcical election of the officers were accepted, has a management committee that is unable to legitimately take decisions, its meetings are inquorate. It is a ship with neither crew nor rudder. Thus: FoTL is dead.

It is worth noting that the committee that organised the “AGM” consisted of only five members (see the number of names at the bottom of “About Friends ofthe Level”, AGM 2012). So now we have evidence that  FoTL was dead even before the AGM. Thus: FoTL is deader than just dead – it’s been extinct for some time.

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