Parks Project Team restore World Peace 2000 Rose Bed – after a fashion!

You’ve got to hand it to the Parks Project team – there’s just no end to their ingenuity! Even before the consultation has finished, they’ve set about restoring The Level with a will. Project No. 1: restore the World Peace 2000 Rose Bed in Rose Walk. [The Council seems to have got the wrong end of the stick re: the World Peace aspect – they seemed to have assumed that the state of the bed should accurately reflect the state of world peace and so left it to its own sad demise.] And how have the PPT managed the restoration? They’ve employed a sleight of hand, honed over the endless months of “consultation”, and quite simply moved the sign to the opposite flower bed! The sheer brazen dishonesty of such an action accurately reflects the deceitful and cavalier attitude which the PPT has displayed throughout the whole sorry “consultation”. The World Peace 2000 Rose Bed was planted with the same World Peace 2000 Roses as used in all the other 100+ World Peace 2000 Rose Beds across the country – the World Peace 2000 Rose is a hybrid-T, with beautiful large, golden yellow blooms. But hey, who’s going to notice, or care? Just move that sign and voilà – job done.

World Peace 2000 Rose Bed, Brighton - The Level Expect more of the same when the PPT are let loose with £1.7 m of Lottery wonga! Don’t forget this is going to be a money spinner for the Council who will earn at least £350,000 by managing the project. [Watch this space to see where the money actually goes!]

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