“Consultation” was global!

No one can accuse the Parks Project Team of not “consulting” widely – the online questionnaire was open to the entire world’s population – there was no requirement to be a resident of Brighton, or even Hove for that matter. However this does mean that were there to be a group whose members favoured one option over the other, and were that group to be reasonably well organised and able to social-network, both nationally and internationally, then it would be an easy matter to encourage one’s members to complete the questionnaire along association lines. [Keep The Level Green missed a trick there, (ed.)]

Odd that only residents of Brighton, and Hove, can complete the Council’s ePetitions, whereas, just to pluck one hypothetical example out of the blue, a skater in Boise, Idaho is free to voice an opinion as to where the skatepark should be sited. Doesn’t somehow seem quite fair…

The PPT also had another cunning plan: to encourage council employees to complete the questionnaire by advertising it prominently on the council intranet – for those employees, you understand, who wouldn’t have received a paper questionnaire because they don’t live in one of the 28,000 local households that received them. How thoughtful and so very democratising! Only a hardened cynic would entertain the thought that it would be pretty easy to influence members of staff to choose one option over another!

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