“Consultation” finishes early.

Despite telling people to complete the online questionnaire by 31 March, anyone trying to fill it in after 5 o’clock today would’ve discovered that “by 31 March 2011” meant “by 31 March 2011, LAT”, which, to those non-civil servants who were planning on a late completion, means “Local Authority Time” and therefore ends bang on 5 o’clock. [Could’ve been worse – try finding anyone at their desk after 4:30!]  Yet another little irritation at the way the PPT has organised things – it’s as if they just can’t help it, they just have to deceive the public at every opportortunity. Still, maybe we should have some sympathy for the PPT, for while the rest of us still have seven hours left of the 31 March, the poor old PPT are left in limbo with the day over but tomorrow nowhere in sight – maybe the joke’s on them after all!

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