Limp Greens back Tory council – and set themselves up for a drubbing!

Our complaisant local councillors seem happy to be the compliant sidekicks of this Tory administration, judging by the latest issue of GREENLEAF – the Greens’ flaccid organ. Here Pete West proudly trumpets that it’s all down to the Greens that we’re now involved in this sham consultation (this despite recently conceding, under pressure, that keeping the skatepark in the south is the obvious, and right, choice). With local elections imminent he shouldn’t be quite so self-congratulatory – the Greens’ two-faced weasley-worded approach is a sure-fire vote-loser. This is just as well; this whole fiasco has shown how poorly served a local community is when all the local councillors are from one party and that party buries its collective head in the sand and treats its constituency to the arse-end its political resolve.

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