A New Year for some, but for the Level: it’s the same old same old.

Q: What was the point of the Park Projects Team’s newsletter delivered a few days ago?

A: Little, except that the PPT has £106,400 to blow by the end of August 2011 – and a load of boxes to tick, so knocking out a load of newsletters fits the bill. The fact that the contents revealed nothing new and were factually misleading doesn’t matter – why should it? The PPT charabanc is off and running and aims to steamroller all in it’s path. It knows where it’s going, it has done since March 2010 when it submitted it’s HLF application, aided and abetted by LUC and associated noses-in-the-Lottery-Fund-trough, Knox Bhavan Architects. Destination: Option 1, or should that be Landscape Masterplan: Skate Park North Of Rose Walk? Doesn’t matter, they’re almost one and the same, except that Option 1 is now showing some development work has recently been  done on the skatepark design. (Why? Surely we should be told. Ed.)

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