Yet another…Activities Meeting, 14 December

Yet another meeting of no discernible point. This one attended by definite stakeholders! All but 3 or 4 of the 14 or so people present have direct or indirect financial interests in the Level, albeit all by way of public money, either directly as employees of the council or indirectly through “funding” – another word for the public’s money. Serious PfP box-ticking going on with a list of 32 activities for the Level many of which will only ever be of interest to a tiny minority and which will disappear in a couple of years, some of which will be of interest to no one. Hmm, Doggy Gym…Bat & Trap League…Table Tennis…Odd that the fun fair wasn’t represented. Typically, the Parks Project Team stubbornly refused to acknowledge that most of the the suggested activities would all benefit from as much open space as possible. Why? See future post…

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