SWOT not – a waste of time?

The SWOT workshop held on Saturday 20th at The SA Hall by the Project Team,  aided and abetted by our local councillors, was designed to give the impression that everything was up for discussion, nothing was set in stone. This might seem a bit odd given that a bid detailing the project has been made, been accepted and £106,400 been received on the strength of it. But then by the end it became clear that much is indeed set in stone: that Bertie’s Footprint would be preserved,  that the Sensory Garden would be in there somewhere and that, despite the protestations of the architect tasked with designing the café that it could yet be a kiosk, there will be a yet another café in Brighton.

So there we had it, a couple of dozen residents imagining that what they had to say might influence a £2.5m project. Hardly likely – and anyway why should such a miniscule, self-selecting section of the population have any influence? Of course it shouldn’t – and won’t.

(N.b. the skatepark – the elephant in the bid – was not to be mentioned, it would not be discussed, because…?!)

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