Saturday’s Level “Workshop” – curate’s egg


Bertie’s remains to be preserved for posterity as evidence of “heritage”, but in outline only as a “fountain pool” – much like a shower tray with no plug is a “pool”.

Huge “sensory” garden still being touted as essential to the bid despite occupying a good 25% of the available space in the playground end. Clr. Pete West attempted a bit of blue-sky thinking by suggesting Rose Walk be widened at the expense of the north end and turned into the “sensory” garden. He just does not get it.

The intention is to replace the current kiosk with a much larger, fancier licensed café needed to generate sufficient surplus income to pay for the cleaning and maintenance of the new toilets which will be part of the new café’s lease.


That the October 2010 Masterplan (should all these plans really be called “Masterplans” rather than draft plans?) has reverted to an earlier “Masterplan” maintaining the existing layout of the Level. Let’s hope this is not just a sop to the likes of KtLG.

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